Rank Calculation

  • Points of each participant from all championships are entered into the rank table. Rank is overall: Puller Running + Puller Jumping. If sportive pair (handler and dog) performs only in one discipline, they should start trainings and perform in both disciplines to be presented in the Rank.
  • Rank calculation consist of two parts:
  1. Basic points 

Points are given only for awarding places provided that sportive pair performed in both disciplines:

1 place – 31 points
2 place – 22 points
3 place – 13 points

Also to the result add next extra points depending on the championship category and quantity of participants on it:
regional championship from 25 participants +2 points

regional championship from 35 participants +3 points

regional championship from 45 participants +4 points
national championship +5 points
international +10 points
retreat championship (other city, other region, other country) +5 points to the general result.

  1. Final points

Awarded points are calculated by formula:

Basic points x (times/multiply) points awarded in discipline ÷ (divide) National record of these discipline. The calculated value rounded to the whole number.

If National record didn`t fix earlier in that way on the first championship of the year, the result should be the maximum points (points of the winner).

If on the championship National record was broken, then new result calculates from next championship.

  • Filling the table:
  1. Title of the championship – for first one enter record for each category (If no – leave empty) and championship status. For next championships enter only status

Championship status (help in the table) – 

  1. Information about sportive pair 
  2. Results – status of championship, place and result in running, place and result in jumping

For championship status is a help in the table formula


  1. Formula – all are set up and work automatically. Records for next championship are up date automatically
  2. Overall outcome – after filling the all tabs you only have to sort data by the points

The most important – do not delete anything to keep formula working!!!

See the entire rating of Ukraine

See the entire ranking of the Czech Republic

Handler nameCountryBreedDog nameTotal20202019
1Иванес ПавелUkraineДобреманДжессика31539276
2Бебко СергійUkraineФокстер’єрБада287287
3Головачова КатеринаUkraineНімецька вівчаркаХельга21125
4Малютяк ВіталійUkraineДРТМістер Бутч192192
5Кучерява ЮліяUkraineДобреманАхілла191191
6Шипельський ВіталійUkraineМалінуаLeia Solo 191191
7Кушниренко СергейUkraineПРТВента17010160
8Науменко НаталіяUkraineМалінуаШкет167167
9Гайова ЄвангелінаUkraineАСТАйза1656897
10Шпигун ВладимирUkraineБордер коллиВеста1527874
11Staněk TomášCzech RepublicJRT - Jack Russell TerrierGoudí257
12Ajtai VeronikaCzech Republic Shetland SheepdogVivien293
13Pokorná PetraCzech RepublicJRT - Jack Russell TerrierMissi0
14Lebeda MichalCzech RepublicWelsh Corgi CardiganArthas Anny Nupachaki312
15Wojciechowska KatarzynaCzech RepublicmixFela187
16Pokorná PetraCzech RepublicParson russell terierDanci0
17Kracíková VilemínaCzech RepublicShipperkeAero Alpha Nero (Žlůťa)9
18Plichtová KateřinaCzech RepubliccanicheCenzie Černý Křišťál27
19Hovořáčková EliškaCzech RepublicShetland SchäferhundDio Fred z Diouškova ráje (Oci)0
20Plichtová KateřinaCzech RepublicCanicheXsara Top Narcis0


The rating tables are maintained by the regional referees in their region. National referees draw the ratings for their country (regional referees send the results).   50 best results will be published in the rating first. The ratings will be updated every three months, i.e. winter, spring, summer, autumn.   Dogs older than 12 months (12 months. + 1 day) take part in the rating.