IFDP is represented by chief executives and certified referees all over the world. IFDP referees organize, conduct and judge Dog Puller championships. If you are interested in the organization of Dog Puller championship or workshop or would like to participate or prepare to it, you can contact IFDP chief in your country. If you can’t find representative in your country in the list, please, contact IFDP via the contact form.

CountryRefereeFacebook profile
UkraineKushnirenko ValentynaFacebook profile
UkraineKushnirenko SerhiiFacebook profile
UkraineDzhura OksanaFacebook profile
UkraineShpygun VolodymyrFacebook profile
UkraineTsudikova AllaFacebook profile
UkraineDobrovinskaya IrynaFacebook profile
UkraineKalinina AnnaFacebook profile
UkraineSaakyan AnastasiyaFacebook profile
UkraineLoginova TatyanaFacebook profile
UkraineKreydenko TatyanaFacebook profile
UkraineKorzh EkaterynaFacebook profile
UkraineMelnyk TatyanaFacebook profile
UkraineGolovacheva EkaterynaFacebook profile
UkraineSedykh KarynaFacebook profile
UkraineNikonorova NatalyaFacebook profile
UkraineNaumenko NatalyaFacebook profile
UkraineDenisenko NatalyaFacebook profile
UkraineDenisenko DaryaFacebook profile
HungaryHanzséros MáriaFacebook profile
HungaryDóra PappFacebook profile
HungaryBalla AnitaFacebook profile
HungaryOlivér SteinFacebook profile
HungaryUrska Mavric Facebook profile
HungaryLorincz AlexandraFacebook profile
Canada/HungaryErika Rosza-AtkinsonFacebook profile
CanadaGordon Mark Rozsa Facebook profile
CanadaRaelene PaulFacebook profile
CanadaCheryl WishartFacebook profile
CanadaStephanie Campbell Facebook profile
CanadaRenáta Lendvai Facebook profile
CanadaTanya GatesFacebook profile
PortugalGyöngyi PánczélFacebook profile
PortugalFernando SilvaFacebook profile
PortugalInês SantosFacebook profile
PortugalAna FariaFacebook profile
South KoreaHan SungkyuFacebook profile
South KoreaHosoda NobuyukiFacebook profile
JapanMasaki KobayashiFacebook profile
JapanTetsuya AkiyamaFacebook profile
JapanKeisuke YoshidaFacebook profile
Czech RepublicAndrea Adlafová HuclováFacebook profile
Czech RepublicIvana PaštováFacebook profile
Czech RepublicHelena HejzlarováFacebook profile
Czech RepublicNikola CtiborovaFacebook profile
Czech RepublicTereza VD HoškováFacebook profile
Czech RepublicDaniela DuchkováFacebook profile
Czech RepublicZuzka Závětová Facebook profile
Czech RepublicŠimona DrábkováFacebook profile
Czech RepublicTery Temprich Facebook profile
Czech RepublicNikol Hortová Facebook profile
United States of AmericaMelinda Tageant Facebook profile
United States of AmericaDenise GraveFacebook profile
United States of AmericaShiloh CorfmanFacebook profile
United States of AmericaKatelyn ScottFacebook profile
United States of AmericaTina PophamFacebook profile
United States of AmericaJudy LancasterFacebook profile
United States of America Yvette PiantadosiFacebook profile