Dog Puller sportspeople competed via video on the international championship

The quarantine can’t stop the champions! Summer international Dog Puller video championship has gathered 73 pairs from 10 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan and Slovenia. The participants filmed their performance to be scored by the referee team. It let the champions get their well-deserved rewards without breaking the quarantine restrictions.

The winners are pairs from Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Belarus and Poland:


Micro category:

Csoma-Papp Dóra and Tori (Hungary)

Mini category:

Vitaliy Malyutyak and Mr. Butch (Ukraine)

Midi category:

Rózsa Martina and Dodge (Hungary)

Maxi category:

Dzilona Hlebka and Basta (Belarus)

Large category:

Pavel Ivanes and Jess (Ukraine)

Heavyweight category:

Łukasz Węgrzyn and Rambo (Poland)

Drive category:

Makarova Ekateryna and Runa (Russia)

Belgian Shepherd  category:

Tatyana  Timohina and Turma (Russia)


All the winners got money prizes, also in low-contact mode, via money transfer.

The participants are extremely happy with organization level and referee team work. They are glad to share their experience and photos on Facebook. The President of International Dog Puller Federation, Varvara Petrenko, says that online mode will be continued with webinars. It depends on quarantine restrictions whether the next championship will be online or offline.

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