Dog Puller World Championship 2023 in Poland


The World Dog Puller Championship 2023 took place on 31 September and 1 October in Wroclaw, Poland. Dog Puller is a dog sport invented  which has gathered followers worldwide for more than ten years. This is the fourth World Championship that brought together representatives from six European countries to compete in main disciplines, such as Running and Jumping. There were categories, such as mini, micro, midi, maxi, heavy, and drive and three prize places for each of them. 

World Dog Puller Championships were held in 2018, 2019, and online in 2021. Official Dog Puller federations are registered in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Canada, and the United States. The number of sports enthusiasts grows every year, and anyone can easily join the Dog Puller community and master the required disciplines.



No special preparation or equipment is needed to start Dog Puller training. All you need for training is your pet, two PULLER rings and a good mood. Dog sport has its own rules, regulations, categories based on the dog’s weight and size, and a scoring system. Dog Puller is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, an international professional dog community, a constant exchange of experience and recommendations, and support from dog trainers and like-minded people to share goals and aspirations.

National Dog Puller teams from Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and even Portugal participated in this year’s World Championship 2023. 96 members of the Dog Puller community registered to compete in the main disciplines. According to the team competition, the national team from the Czech Republic became winners and received the cup from the previous World Champions, the Hungarian national team.



Varvara Petrenko, the President of the International Dog Puller Federation, and Serge Shkot, the inventor of the fitness tool PULLER, visited this event. As Varvara mentioned, the atmosphere at the World Championship 2023 was saturated with unity and friendliness. Participants supported and enjoyed each other’s victories, and moreover, the spirit of the competition fully captivated them, though without envy. This was indicative and admirable.

The World Dog Puller Championship 2023 was supported by the COLLAR Company and organizers in Poland, specifically Katarzyna Wojciechowska. We thank wholeheartedly our partners Brit, Groomer Shop, Metbox, Best-Dog, Aqualapka, Game Dog, Dog Deco, Pokusa, and PsiaWygoda for supporting the event. Aleksandr Kovalsky, the Polish distributor, visited the Championship as well and presented our innovative pet supplies. We warmly thank the organizers, sponsors and participants and look forward to seeing you at the next World Championship 2024!