The second Dog Puller World Championship was held at 7-8 of September in the city of Sopron (Hungary)

Dog Puller is a young dog sport made in Ukraine. It consists of exercises with dog training tool PULLER. Dog Puller has already conquered the hearts of dog owners all over the world from Japan to Canada. 91 participants from 11 countries – Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Austria and Poland – registered for the second Dog Puller World Championship.

Hundreds of spectators visited the Championship. There were a lot of activities for them except the main competitions: kids and junior Dog Puller competitions, therapy dog experience, handcrafts, charity raffle draw, dog physiotherapy advice, PULLER tutorials and pet accessories market.

The Championship was an inclusive event: among the participants there were one-eyed dog and the owner with diabetes. The youngest participant was a part of Ukrainian team and she was 14 years old.

The President of the International Dog Puller Federation, Varvara Petrenko said about the event:

“Dog Puller is a sport where the dog owner can start from the fun daily routine and become a multichampion known all over the world. The simplicity and accessibility of the sport for any dog and any human make Dog Puller so popular in dozens of countries worldwide.”

The first day of the Championship was dedicated to the team and referee briefings, group photos and preparing for the competitions. On the second day of the Championship the participants competed in two disciplines – PULLER Running and PULLER Jumping

The co-organizers of the second Dog Puller World Championship are Hungary Dog Puller Federation, the International Dog Puller Federation and COLLAR Company.

The results of the Second Dog Puller World Championship